Basement Renovation

Onto the lower level renovation!  Like all of the other space transformations, we started with a picture.  This picture was from an old Pottery Barn magazine, that I had saved.  Now when we get these magazines in the mail, Lenny hides them before I can point out what I want the NEXT renovation to look like :)  

We wanted the space to be cozy, warm, and inviting.  We also knew we had to work with the large fireplace wall, as it would be too complicated to remove it.  And lastly, the extension of the room would need to have some sort of a door on it to... let's be honest.. hide the chaos that is the playroom (more on that later).

After demo, we added insulation (because there was none!) and then we decided on new siding... Shiplap!  We LOVE shiplap siding! We ordered our shiplap for the walls and ceiling from a local lumber yard.  

We chose recessed lighting and lantern style wall sconces.  We went with warm tones for furniture and decor.  We are thrilled with the way it turned out, cozy and inviting just what we had hoped to accomplish.

To see our thought process and planning check out this {Pinterest Page}

Jennifer Leininger