Meet Lenny & Jenny

We are Lenny and Jenny and if you've stumbled upon our page then we are probably a lot like you. We like all things rustic and reclaimed. 

So, how did this all begin? A few years ago we purchased our first home just outside of Nashville. It was a foreclosure and just about every room was a massive project. We did it all ourselves and learned that Lenny's skill set and my eye for detail really compliment each other. Lenny grew up on a farm and is super handy. He loves flannels, saws, and sports. He's a man's man. As for me, Jenny, party throwing is my love language. I love hosting, decorating and mixing old with new.  We are true Northerners transplanted here in the South.  We love getting to know your story and helping you add some charm and character to your home through custom accents.