How to... Start a SupperClub

SupperClub is TONIGHT!  It's a night we look forward to all month.  We have been meeting with this group every month for a meal around a table for 2+ years.  Some of us started as strangers, some as long term friends.. but today we can say these couples are often our sounding board, our cheerleaders, and some of our very best friends.

Often people ask how we got started.  And the answer is we just started.  We made it up along the way.. here's what it looks like today.

Pick your People. 8 is a good number... fits around a table easily, good amount to cook for, easier to coordinate schedules. They don't need to be your very best friends... in our group we have one couple from church, one from childhood, and one new friend. 

No kids. This is a night for adults.  A time set apart for intentional conversation.  We often talk late in the night and we sit and eat and laugh with no distraction.  We have a collective 15 kids between us sleeping soundly at home.

Hosting is no joke!  We rotate hosting in our homes.  If you're the host you are in charge of the prep, the meal, the drinks, the clean up.  Totally not necessary but we choose to attempt "fancy meals" together. We often don't get to cook the meals we drool over in cook books for our families so we try them out on each other. I'm talking... beef Wellington, red wine braised tenderloin, surf and turf. That being said believe me we've had some flops... We all remember the gourmet pizza I attempted at 9 months pregnant that was under cooked and chewy.  But trying new recipes is a risk and sometimes you hit it out of the park!

Question of the night. We typically have a question of the night. A way to be more intentional about our time together. Here are some examples...

What is one thing you wish your 20 year old self knew?

Something you admire about your spouse.

What are you most looking forward to in this season?

Be flexible but committed. Sometimes SupperClub looks like dinner out because life is too crazy for anyone to host.. sometimes it's margaritas with just the girls, other times we throw in a family night and have all the kiddos with us. 

The point is intentional time around a table. Walking through life one month at a time with each other. We cry, laugh, and support each other and our lives are better for it. 

Jennifer Leininger