Pinterest Project: Ombre Pinecones

Many of you have asked us what we put in our box during the winter months after Christmas is over.  January and February are hard months to decorate for.. not Christmas but not quite spring.  Recently I saw this idea on Pinterest.  I LOVE the way it turned out and it was incredibly easy and took no longer than 20 minutes to fill my box with these beautifully painted pinecones.

Supplies Needed: Pinecones, Acrylic Paint, Small Paintbrush, Barn Wood Box

Instructions:  To create the ombre look (meaning graduated shades or tones of color), take a small amount of paint and continue to add white to it to make each shade lighter than the next (dark aqua, light aqua, very light aqua).  Paint each pine cone scale with two lines, coming to a point at the tip.  Do 2-3 rows of each color.  

If you're a visual learner... here ya go!

Colors Used: Aqua Green, Colonial Blue, Burnt Orange, Yellow

Jennifer Leininger