Lenny & Jenny's Christmas Traditions

We interrupt our regular posts of all things farmhouse style to bring you a few of our favorite family traditions for our kiddos at Christmas. 

STOCKING PATCHES... Each year we add a new patch to their stockings that helps represent that year.  Something they loved, took interest in, big moments.  We can't wait to see these stockings 5, 10, 15 years from now.


THE ADVENT TREE.... Each night we fill the pocket for the next day with notes, Bible verses, and goodies for the kids to enjoy the next day as we count down to Christmas. My very talented sister made this one but you can find similar trees at Pottery Barn Kids.

CHRISTMAS CARD HOLDER...  An entire wall of our friends and family.  This is normally our way to display the kids art but during the months of December and January we LOVE this wall covered in our favorite beautiful faces.

Jennifer Leininger