Home Renovation: The Kitchen (Part 2)

So here's what we were working with... wood paneling, weird sections, and small spaces.  We knew the first thing that needed to happen was to get rid of that wall.  If you watch 5 minutes of HGTV you know that the most desirable homes are those with... say it with me... Open Floor Plans.  So that was step #1.  

The day we closed on our house, Lenny's grandparents were visiting.  This detail is important only because it may give you a glimpse at the man I married.  Lenny's real name is John Leininger... Lenny is John Leininger the 6th and the Grandpa that was visiting is John Leininger the 4th.  And these two John Leiningers and all those that came before them are hard working, a bit impulsive, slightly ADD and incredibly optimistic.  So within an hour of closing these two looked at each other and said "well what are we waiting for?" ... And just like that the wall was gone.

3 John Leiningers ready for work.

photo 1.jpg

Hurray!  The beginnings of an open floor plan.  There were many days like this but on this particular day there was good news and bad news.  The good news was we found beautiful 1960's hard wood under the carpet, and as for the bad news we learned that the wall we were about to bust down was load bearing.  The next step would be to put a 18" header up in the attic to support the house, no small task. 

photo 3.jpg

The main level was beginning to take shape and we could begin dreaming about what that level could look like.  Lenny continued working as I continued growing (3 weeks till D-Day).

Jennifer Leininger