"You Light Up Every Room"

There are always stories behind the words we chose to hang in our homes.  We paint custom signs every week and get to see a glimpse of your stories, here's a glimpse at ours.


Chances are if you live in Nashville, you may know a songwriter.  My two best friends happen to be a singer/songwriter duo!  These two have a harmony blend that can't really be explained but has to be experienced.  Not long after we became friends I started asking them to write a lullaby for our boys.  Knowing that wasn't exactly their genre and that they were far too busy for a project like that, I knew it would likely never happen. 

Fast forward to this past November, I was very pregnant with our 3rd child, this time a baby girl! My wonderful friends showered me with sweet gifts.  Jill and Kate's gift came last.  As you can imagine a very hormonal Jenny could not pull it together after opening a large box that contained the most above and beyond gift I have ever received.  They did it.  They made an entire lullabies album. The songs on this album are magical.  They speak truth over little ones, our little ones.  Words that communicate worth and safety and God's love. These truths are the last words our boys hear before they go to sleep every night and affirm everything we hope to communicate to them during the day.

After the shower, I was told that there was another surprise.  A few of us got into my friend Ashley's car and they played a song entitled "You Light Up Every Room".  This was a song written specifically for our unborn child.  Our Annie.

Here's the whole story from their perspective - http://youtu.be/-RK6zDAxh7A


We don't have family here in Nashville but Jill and Kate are two people we consider sisters, they act like aunts to our children and they are the first ones we call during big life moments, so obviously alongside my Mother they were the first two at the hospital to meet Annie.  I asked Jill to bring her guitar and I am so glad we captured this very special moment, Jill and Kate singing Annie girl her song.

If you have little ones that have trouble falling asleep, if you need calming music in your house that both you and your children will enjoy, if you need your kids to sleep while you travel in the car?  BUY THIS ALBUM!

Physical CD - http://jillandkate.bigcartel.com/product/lullabies-album 

Download - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lullabies/id1061972624

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Jennifer Leininger